Young Master 1842 Island Imperial IPA 少爷 1842岛 帝国IPA (330ml)

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Style: Imperial IPA
Brewed by: Young Master Hong Kong (Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong)
ABV : 8.0% / IBU : 80

The Island 1842 is an Imperial IPA designed for those who prefer a bold and powerful drink. Our goal with this beer was to coax out and showcase every nuance that our outsized malt and hop bill had to offer. This beer’s hop character is potent with additions in the first wort, constantly through the boil, at flameout and then generously during fermentation. In order to balance the strong hop profile, we built an appropriately robust malt backbone. The moment you pour Island 1842 into your snifter, expect a powerful nose of spicy, floral and zesty hops. The complexity of flavor will then continue to unfold with each sip and the flavor will linger on the palate.

少爷 1842岛 帝国IPA
岛1842是一款帝国IPA,专为喜欢冒险与挑战的人而设计。 我们设计这款啤酒的目标是展示我们对麦芽和酒花的配比的强大控制力。这款啤酒的酒花特征很明显,我们在头道麦汁中加入酒花,在冷却时、在发酵时都有加入。 为了平衡强劲的苦度,我们保留了高麦汁浓度以提供强壮的酒体。 当你感受这款1842岛时,会感受到强烈的花香和热带水果的香气。 味道的复杂性将随着每一口味的不断展开而覆盖全部味蕾。