About Us

What is Farmer's Bar ?
Farmer's Bar is the perfect place for you to just sit down and chill with your friends till midnight. 

No time limit. No minimum spend. 

Our specialty ?
We have over 350 craft beers and many are award winning top rated beers from all over the world. 

Do you serve food ?
Yes we serve food. 
However, Each branch is totally different.

Avenue K branch is managed by Chef Fifi Leong. A must try at Avenue K branch is the Crispy Chicken Chop. The Chicken Katsu Curry Rice is awesome too. 

At Subang Parade, DoubleDough Artisan runs the Western Kitchen and RyoRi Kitchen serves yakitori and Japanese cuisine.

Puchong branch collaborates with our neighbour Hokkien Mee to serve you all time favourite Chinese food.

Our goal ?
For you, your friends, family, clients and business partners to catch up over some awesome award winning top rated craft beers from around the world with simple yet delicious food.

Each branch is very different
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Farmer's Bar Avenue K

Farmer's Bar Puchong

Farmer's Bar Subang Parade

Farmer's Bar Sdn Bhd ( 1309433-T )