About Us

What is Farmer's Bar ?
Farmer's Bar is the perfect place for you to just sit down and chill with your friends till midnight. 

Our specialty ?
We have over 350 craft beers and many are award winning top rated beers from all over the world. 

Do you serve food ?
Yes we serve food. 
However, kindly take note: we are not a bar, not a restaurant, not a cafe.

We are a family friendly place for you to lepak.
Make yourself at home.
We allow outside food. 
We allow outside cakes. 
(Kindly bring your own disposable cutlery / paper plates / candles if needed)

Our goal ?
For you and your friends to catch up over some awesome craft beers.

Each branch is very different
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Farmer's Bar Puchong

Farmer's Bar Subang Parade

Farmer's Bar Kota Damansara (Pet Friendly)