Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black (330ml)

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Style: Porter
Brewed by: Yeastie Boys (Wellington, New Zealand)
ABV: 6.0% / IBU: 50

Our flagship beer, and biggest seller, Pot Kettle Black is one of New Zealand’s most widely awarded beers. PKB, as it is affectionately known, is a juxtaposition of beer styles: fresh and hoppy, yet as dark as night and malty rich. The black beer that has converted many a person who’d formerly professed a fear of dark ales… and called a "real foodie beer" by every chef we meet!

Champion Beer, 2014 Hong Kong International Beer Awards. Champion Beer, 2012 Asia Beer Awards. Champion Beer, ‘Stouts & Porters’, Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards 2009

酵母男 黑锅 美式波特
酵母男的旗舰啤酒,并且是销量最大的,Pot Kettle Black是New Zealand最受欢迎啤酒之一。正如它被亲切的称为PKB,是一款具有双重特点的啤酒:新鲜和快乐,和夜一样黑并且麦香丰富。这款黑色啤酒已经改变了许多人对于黑色啤酒的恐惧,并且被每一位遇见的厨师称为:“真正的美食家。”