Verdant Pulp DIPA (440ml)

by Verdant
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Style: DIPA
Brewed by: Verdant Brewing Co
ABV: 8%

This double IPA is bigger in every way but still retains a dry finish that hides its strength. Massive fruit aromas and flavours combined with hazy golden looks and chewy body really do make this beer a stone fruit pulp fest!

葱郁 果肉!帝国IPA
这种帝国IPA在各方面都是很不错的,但仍然保留了一个隐藏其强度的干燥收尾。朦胧的金色外观, 散发出浓郁的水果香气,一款耐人寻味的啤酒。着实使这款啤酒成为了厚实的果酱!