Verdant Light Bulb American Pale Ale (440ml)

by Verdant
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Style: Hazy Pale Ale
Brewed by: Verdant Brewing Co
ABV: 4.5%

As pale as a 100W light bulb but as juicy as an IPA. Session-able, quenching and totally addictive. Biscuity malt base with a hint of sweetness all drenched in fruity/dank hops.

Malt: Extra Pale Ale, Vienna, Oats, Caragold, Carapils
Hops: Simcoe, Centennial
Yeast: LalBrew New England

葱郁 灯泡 美式淡色艾尔
像一个100瓦灯泡一样苍白,但又像“IPA”一样多汁。 交流型,解渴型,完全令人上瘾。 甜味麦芽的基础,甜美和干燥的完成,所有的水果味都沉淀到了啤酒花的香味里,用到的啤酒花是马格南和西姆科。