Verdant Intimately Spaced Pylons IPA (440ml)

by Verdant
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Style: NEIPA
Brewed by: Verdant Brewing Co
ABV: 6%

Lashings of Vic Secret transport you to Oz. Creamy tropics and a hint of spice on the nose. Characteristic flashes of Kiwi Motueka lime jolt the palate like zesty zipwire! Idaho 7 and Ekuanot join the party to reinforce the tropical pineapple juiciness - we haven't held back on this one... Expect a touch of sweetness on the finish to round out those brash Southern Hemisphere hops.

葱郁 聚集高塔 新英格兰IPA
维克秘密(Vic Secret)将把你绑架。顺滑的热带气息和淡淡的辛辣风味迷人。莫图伊卡(Motueka)啤酒花产生的青柠味就像狂热的金属丝一样震撼!爱达荷7号(Idaho 7)和艾库瓦诺(Ekuanot)两种啤酒花增强了热带菠萝的多汁口感。我们在这件事上没有退缩。。。期待带有略微甜味的收口感,来均衡这些鲁莽的南半球啤酒花。