Verdant 300 Laps of Your Garden Pale Ale (440ml)

by Verdant
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Style: Pale Ale
Brewed by: Verdant Brewing Co
ABV: 4.8%

A massively refreshing 4.8% Azacca and Mosaic hopped pale with enduring flavours of ripe mango, citrus fruit, and reviving pine notes. A hefty Nelson Sauvin addition turns up the sun with juicy gooseberry and grape notes. Perfect post-garden Grand Prix refreshment.

葱郁 花园300圈 淡色艾尔
这款300 Laps Of Your Garden Pale Ale风味清新浓郁,阿扎克(Azacca)和马赛克(Mosaic)两种啤酒花产生了成熟芒果味、柑橘水果味和松木味,而尼尔森·索万(Nelson Sauvin)则带来了多汁的醋栗口感和葡萄香味,是后花园搭配茶点的休闲完美搭配。