Urbanaut Living Beer 5 Smoked Citrus Viet Sour (440ml)

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Style: Sour
Brewed by: Urbanaut Brewing Co (Auckland, New Zealand)
ABV: 4.7

Some say the lichtenhainer is a bit 19th Century Thüringen - we say it's totally 2022 Tāmaki! Smokey and vivacious, we've melded this uber old-school German beer style with a load of charred, caramelised citrus and a glorious bouquet of Vietnamese herbs to create what we think is the perfect balance of East and West. Tart, smokey, floral and complex - pair with a lively larb or a spicy Pho.

The ‘Living Beer’ series is our way of re-engaging with the foundations of beer. All natural, vibrant and fresh, this series of beer is vital, unfiltered and importantly, CAN CONDITIONED – it is a Living Beer after all.