Urbanaut Fitzroy Apple Crumble Sour (330ml)

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Style: Sour
Brewed by: Urbanaut Brewing Co (Auckland, New Zealand)
ABV: 4

This beer is a thirst-quenching show-stopper! A bright afternoon delight, this is a crisp apple sour, lightly sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon and a wee drop of french vanilla. Refreshing and indulgent

城市探险家 菲茨罗伊苹果派酥 酸艾尔
这款Fitzroy Apple Crumble Sour Ale是饥渴终结者!午后阳光灿烂,清爽的苹果味搭配少量红糖、肉桂以及少量法国香草,清新而放纵!