Tulip Glass

The lip at the top of a tulip glass is designed to capture the head of beers that typically present with a high head retention and a lot of foam. If you were pouring one of these beers into a standard glass, the active head would spill over the top. The head of your beer is what brings you that first whiff of aroma after you pour, as well as maintains your beer’s aroma, so you want to contain as much of it as possible in order to not compromise the full aroma of your brew.

The foam, or head, of your beer acts as a net of sorts for the volatiles in your beer after you pour. Beer’s volatiles include compounds such as hop oils, spices, fruity esters and fermentation byproducts. These compounds are a vital part of your beers aroma, and using a glass that promotes a healthy foam head allows your foam to capture as many of the volatiles as possible. The large rim on the tulip glass is designed specifically to promote a healthy head, meaning your beer’s volatiles will stick around.

So, what beers should you be pouring into your tulip glass? Beers that have a bright aroma and healthy head, as the tulip glass will enhance the aroma better than any glass in your bar.