Tiny Rebel Pineapple Express IPA (440ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed by: Tiny Rebel (Monmouthshire, Rogerstone, Wales)
ABV: 4

Take a 6.2% Hazy IPA and pump it full of Pineapple

An explosion of pineapple both on the nose and to taste, a juicy, hazy, pineappley(is this even a word?) IPA.

小叛逆 / 波莉 菠萝特快 IPA
这款Pineapple Express IPA是我们与北威尔士Polly's Brew酒厂的合作酒款,将多汁的啤酒花与新鲜的菠萝混合在一起,酒体呈浑浊的琥珀色,细腻的泡沫十分丰富持久。