Tiny Rebel Kir Royale (330ml)

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Style: Fruit
Brewed by: Tiny Rebel (Monmouthshire, Rogerstone, Wales)
ABV: 6.2% / IBU: 30

North meets South as the powerhouses of Welsh brewing meet for a super tasty collaboration brew. Good enough for Royalty.

Our pals from up north at the incredible Loka Polly have been brewing some absolutely outstanding beers. They've absolutely burst onto the scene and are hitting it out of the park with some of their hop bombs. So we invited them down to see how we do things and to get the best of Welsh together for a brew day.

We went blackcurrant picking, loaded all the tasty little juicebombs into a subtly hopped pale ale with a bit of glucoamylase to make the brew super dry. Sharp and sweet, dry and fruity. A spritzy fizz and a very Royal Purple colour. But honestly, HUGE BLACKCURRANT flavours. It's packed to the brim with them. It's epic.