Tiny Rebel Fields Forever

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Tiny Rebel Fields Forever
Style IPA - Hazy / NEIPA
Brewed by Tiny Rebel
Monmouthshire, Rogerstone, Wales
6.5% ABV

Our collab brew with Northern Monk, a Strawberry and Vanilla NEIPA is so packed full of fruit and lactose, plus the yeast that’s in suspension, that some of those particles are sticking together, becoming heavy and sinking to the bottom. That means there is loads of sediment in the bottom of the bottles, visible if you shine a light on the base.

This sediment literally consists of lactose, fruit proteins and yeast. In other words, it’s really, really tasty. However, some people might not think it looks too appealing. Especially if you pour it like you would with any other beer, which would result in disturbing the large particles and distributing them throughout the beer - descriptions of the results of this include “chunky” and “snowglobe”. This is simply an aesthetic issue. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the beer - it just might not “look right” to some.

You still get bags of flavour and we’re still happy with the result, but you get that little bit extra by murking it up.

We really hope you give it a try either way. It’s a beer we’re really proud of and it’s absolutely perfect for this incredible weather we’ve been getting. Even in Wales!