Temple Okinawa Sour (330ml)

by Temple
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Style: Sour / Wild Ale
Brewed by: Temple Brewery & Brasserie (Brunswick East, VIC, Australia)
ABV: 4.0% / IBU: 13

Okinawa Sour is a beer that is brewed by souring the wort with Lactobacillus before adding brewers yeast. The souring process gives tropical fruit and citrus flavours reminiscent of the Shikuwasa fruit that is grown locally in Okinawa. It’s a clean, fresh and zesty beer with flavours of citrus rind and a grippy fruit tartness.

神庙 冲绳 酸艾尔
Temple Brewing推出的一款水果酸啤酒,使用了产自日本冲绳岛的台湾香檬。Okinawa Sour是一款干净清爽的酸啤酒,有着丰富的柑橘风味和伴有刺激感的水果酸味。