Taiwan Head Brewers Tawny Port Barrel Aged Imperial Peanut Brown Ale (Ye You) 夜遊 (330ml)

Style: Imperial Brown Ale
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 10% / IBU: 52

We believe the true beauty of Taiwan can only be seen at night, and our “Yeh-You” (meaning touring at night) is like touring Taiwan’s countryside at night in September.

“Yeh-You” is our annual limited release of Imperial Peanut Brown Ale brewed with oats, golden sugar, and roasted peanuts. It then spent several months in Portuguese Tawny Port barrels to bring up the flavors of dried fruit, berries, and molasse. This beer can be a perfect after-dinner treat or before you head out for a night walk.

「夜遊」是款難得一見的帝國型棕色愛爾,配方使用大量燕麥,搭配些許深色麥芽與二砂糖,並加入花生一同釀造。濃郁麥芽味搭配花生香氣,再放入葡萄牙茶色波特酒桶 Tawny Port Barrel 熟成數個月後裝瓶上市。波特酒特有的果乾與淡雅甜味,是喜愛特殊桶熟的啤酒迷必要收藏之酒