Taiwan Head Taiwan Winter Melon Ale 啤酒頭 小满 冬瓜艾尔 (330ml)

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Beer Style: Belgian Specialty Ale
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 4.5% / IBU: 19

Xiaoman (means “Grain Full”) marks the beginning of the growing season of crops. While watching their crops grow, farmers send their prayers to God for a rich harvest.

In our experimental “Grain Full” beer, we use the local Taiwanese ingredient “winter melon sugar” to replace the Belgian candi sugar used in most traditional Belgian beer. The unique caramel, toffee, bubble gum, ripen fruit and floral flavors of winter melon sugar match perfectly with the mild spicy and peppery notes of Belgian Pale Ale. This beer not only quenches thirst, but also brings back many people’s childhood memory (remember the smell of the candy shop you always went with your parents or grandparents?)

2017 Asia Beer Award, Singapore (ABA) Bronze

啤酒頭 小满 冬瓜艾尔

「小滿」以比利時淺色愛爾啤酒 Belgian Pale Ale 為底,將其中比利時糖以冬瓜茶糖來替代。冬瓜茶是台灣百年特有飲品,先民將冬瓜加入糖熬煮出冬瓜芳香,鎮熱消暑。你我兒時記憶中的夏日冬瓜茶,如今是經歷洗鍊的成年小滿,苦樂中帶甘甜。