Taiwan Head Taiwan Weizenbock (Hefeweizen) 啤酒頭 小雪 小麦博克 (330ml)


Beer Style: Weizenbock
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 4.5% / IBU: 17.5

Xiaoxue (meaning “minor snow”) is the second solar term of winter. Minor Snow marks the beginning of the winter, and having a classic pale Weizenbock in hand will definitely help you to survive the winter. This beer is our tribute to the legendary “Vitus” from Germany’s Weihenste- phaner brewery.

In our Minor Snow Weizenbock, a portion of locally-grown wheat is added to create the signature banana and clove flavors with a smooth and creamy body and a mild warming finishing sensation from the alcohol content. Please share this beer with your loved ones and stay warm.

2018 International Beer Challenge, England (IBC) Bronze
2017 International Beer Cup, Japan (IBC) Silver
2017 International Beer Challenge, England (IBC) Silver
2017 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) Sliver
2018 World Beer Award (WBA) Design Gold

啤酒頭 小雪 小麦博克

啤酒頭以德國小麥勃克(Weizenbock)為主角,並部分使用台灣「十八麥」的國產小麥,讓淺色與高酒精度「小雪 – 小麥勃克啤酒」特有的香蕉酯與丁香酚氣息,為這個初寒的冬天帶來一絲暖意。

2017 澳洲國際啤酒大賽 AIBA 銀牌 Silver
2017 英國國際啤酒挑戰賽 IBC 銀牌 Silver
2017 日本國際啤酒大賽 IBC 銀賞 Silver
2018 英國國際啤酒挑戰賽 IBC 銅牌
2018 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 設計金牌