Taiwan Head Taiwan Tea Ale 4 (Jin Xuan Tea) 啤酒頭 雨水 苏格兰艾尔 4 (330ml)

Style: Scotch Ale
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 6.6 % / IBU: 26

“Yushui” means “Rain Water” and marks the beginning of the spring. During this time, farmers pray for having more rain for the upcoming harvest season.

“Rain Water” is the fourth installation of our infamous tea beer series. In this beer, we combine the Scotch ale with locally-grown “Golden Daylily Oolong tea” to create an elegant ale full of malty, buttery and milk aroma and flavors (the mild milk flavor comes from the Golden Daylily Oolong tea). We guarantee that from drinking this beer, you will feel less depressed during Taiwan’s wet and humid raining season.

2017 World Beer Award (WBA) Design Gold
2017 World Beer Award (WBA) Design Taiwan Winner
2017 World Beer Award (WBA) Taiwan Winner
2017 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) Best Design–Bronze
2016 World Beer Award (WBA) World Best Experimental Beer

啤酒頭 雨水 苏格兰艾尔 4

「雨水」以蘇格蘭愛爾 Scotch Ale 的渾厚麥芽香氣以及微甜尾韻,配搭台灣茶葉改良的特有品種「金萱」所帶來的香甜茶韻與淡淡奶香。「春雨綿綿」中品嘗濕冷蘇格蘭與台灣金萱組合的詩情畫意。

2016 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 全球最佳實驗啤酒獎 World Best Experimental Beer
2017 澳洲國際啤酒大賽 AIBA 最佳設計-銅牌 Bronze
2017 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 臺灣優勝 Taiwan Winner
2017 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 設計臺灣優勝 &設計金牌 Design Gold