Taiwan Head Taiwan Rauchbier 啤酒頭 清明 德國煙燻啤酒 (330ml)

Style: Rauchbier
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 5.5% / IBU: 22

“Clear And Bright” (pronounced “Ching-Ming”) is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. During this period in spring, family gets together to do the“tomb sweeping” tradition to show their respects and remembrance on their deceased family members and ancestors and also to pray for the health and prosperity of the new generations.

In this very special beer, we add burned Taiwan Wormwood to create the signature smoke and malty flavors of German Rauchbier. In Chinese tradition, burned Wormwood means “reviving” and “protection” and we feel that’s the exact meaning of Ching-Ming. We wish you find peace and strength in this beer.

2017 World Beer Award (WBA) Taiwan Winner

啤酒頭 清明 德國煙燻啤酒

「清明」是春天的節氣,「萬物生長此時,皆清潔而明淨」形容此時花草樹木蓬勃,春日景色清清朗朗。「清明」更是華人的四大節日之一,傳統祭祖掃墓,表達對祖先的緬懷思念之情。每每憶起那些憂憂樂樂的往事,就會想起最初的自己,曾經閃耀的人與夢,回憶裡的一點一滴,都是引領我們前進的力量。以德國煙燻啤酒 Rauchbier 為底,加入台灣艾草,口感溫厚而煙燻香氣濃郁,適合躲進回憶裡恣意徜徉。