Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Pomelo Belgian Witbier 啤酒頭 秋分 文旦小麥啤酒 (330ml)

Style: Witbier
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 5% / IBU: 10

“Qiufen” marks the halfway of the fall and is also the time when the day and night are equal in length. During this time, the weather is mild, fall flowers begin to blossom, crab season is about to start, and people are getting ready for the Mid-Autumn Festival. “Calm and balanced” is how we would describe this time of the year.

“Calm and balanced” is also what our Qiufen beer is all about. It is a traditional Belgian Witbier brewed with Taiwan’s very own wheat and pomelo peel with a hint of coriander seeds. This beer is smooth, refreshing and flavorful, and will be a perfect complement to your Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ parties. Proost!


節氣「秋分」適逢中秋節前,啤酒頭用應景的文旦入酒。依循比利時小麥釀造傳統,削下文旦皮質,搭配國產小麥,帶出悠然柑橘香氣,兼有淡雅芫荽子氣息。「秋分 – 文旦小麥啤酒」是用釀造來描繪的秋日即景