Taiwan Head Taiwan Mocha Imperial Stout 啤酒頭 百代 木桶熟成計畫 (330ml)

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Style: Imperial Baltic Porter
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 14.5% / IBU: 55

“Bai-Dai” (means one hundred of generations) is our special collaboration project with the iconic Põhjala brewery from Estonia. It is a traditional Imperial Baltic Porter brewed with chocolate from Taiwan’s very own FuWan Chocolate and coffee beans from the award-winning Simple Kaffa cafe. The beer is then aged on French and American oak to create the complex layers of dark-roasted malt, cocoa, and coffee flavors. Unlike your mother in-law, this beer will definitely improve when properly aged. You can try to age it over one hundred generations, but we think one to two years will be enough.

啤酒頭 百代 木桶熟成計畫


【百代】帝國型波羅地海波特啤酒 Imperial Baltic Porter,以與愛沙尼亞名廠 Põhjala 合作為基底,搭配知名 福灣巧克力 Fu Wan Chocolate與冠軍咖啡師 Berg 主理的 Simple Kaffa 興波咖啡豆,濃厚深焙麥芽、可可與咖啡香氣,揉合法國與美國橡木風味,適合陳年,讓時間帶出更平滑柔順酒體。