Taiwan Head Taiwan Lemon Saison 啤酒頭 驚蟄 檸檬赛松 (330ml)

Style: Saison
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 6.4% / IBU: 24

“Jingzhe” means “Spring Thunder” or “Awakening insects” and is the solar term reaching the mid-spring. During this time, warm weather and frequent thunderstorm wake up the hibernated inspects; animals and plants also begin to grow and get ready to blossom. This is the most lively time of the year.

To welcome our sleepy insect friends return to our world, we brew a very special sour farmhouse saison with locally-grown lemons that then go through double fermentation with Belgian yeast and our very own wild yeast “Tien-Long” (meaning “Sky Dragon”). Spring Thunder is a complex sour farmhouse saison full of lemon, passion fruit, and citrusy flavors, and finishes with clean, dry and fruity aftertaste just like a fine champagne. Welcome back, little critters!

啤酒頭 驚蟄 檸檬赛松
「驚蟄」在分類上屬於 Sour Saison (酸農夫啤酒),使用屏東與南投兩地檸檬,以比利時 Saison 啤酒酵母與天龍菌,進行繁複的兩次發酵 (模擬 Farmhouse 多菌環境),前段為檸檬乾和百香果膜香氣,中段是水果酯與香料酚味,尾韻以果酸、苦味與回甘,做出複雜又乾爽的風味畫面。目標是呈現萬物在蟄伏過冬後,初春騷動的繁花似錦,這是生命氣息的開端。


2019 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 臺灣優勝