Taiwan Head Taiwan 2019 Plum Brett Sour Ale 啤酒頭 過客 木桶熟成計畫 (330ml)

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Style: Sour Ale
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 11% / IBU: 25

“Guo-Ke” (means passerby) is a sour beer brewed with plums soaked within our plum ale “Mid Spring” and aged on French and American oak. This beauty then goes through a lengthy secondary fermentation with our very own wild yeast to create the clean, dry and fruity tartness. This beer is ready to be enjoyed right away, but is definitely worth to be aged.

啤酒頭 過客 木桶熟成計畫


【過客】淺色高酒精度酸啤酒 Sour Ale,使用釀造 「春分」 後的南投酒梅果肉,重新以野生酵母發酵,再熟成於法國與美國橡木之中,讓釀酒原料達到全循環利用是啤酒頭的目標。清香「春分」梅子味、結尾乾爽不甜、帶乾淨與明顯酸質,即飲美好,陳年後會變得更加圓潤可口。

2019 歐洲之星 European Beer Star 銅牌 Bronze