Taiwan Head Brewers Passion Fruit Sour Ale 啤酒頭 浮萤石 百香果 酸啤酒 (330ml)

Style: Sour
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 5% / IBU: 10

Stone of Floating Fluorescence – Passion Fruit Sour Ale

In 2017, we brewed four special sour beer with young Taiwanese artist XieChin. To us, sour beer is like ancient gem with countless possibilities and personalities – mysterious, furious, peaceful, introvert. Therefore, we decided to name each of these four sour beer after an ancient gemstone to connect us with our land and culture. Join us on this majestic journey of discovering the power of the sour.

“Stone of Floating Fluorescence” represents the translucent fluorite gemstone that can be a colorless crystal or any color combinations you can imagine. In Chinese culture, fluorite brings structure, rationality, and mental strength to our lives.

Take a sip of our “Stone of Floating Fluorescence,” you will be immediately immersed in the explosion of the distinctive sweet and sour flavors from passion fruit. This beer always brings back the memory of our favorite childhood treats – passion fruit shaved ice, passion fruit green tea, passion fruit cake, and that passion fruit tree in grandparent’s backyard. Wait, you are saying you don’t like passion fruit? What’s wrong with you???

啤酒頭 浮萤石 百香果 酸啤酒

「浮萤石 – 百香果酸啤酒」使用台湾百香果,熟悉酸香令人微笑,果粒酸甜是童年记忆的百香果冰,微光般闪烁于记忆中的美好片刻。