Taiwan Head New Taiwan IPA (Citra IPA) 啤酒頭 白露 新英格蘭印度淡色艾爾 (330ml)


Style: New England IPA / NEIPA
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 5% / IBU: 12

“Bai-Lu” is the time in the mid-autumn. The temperature begins to drop sharply after midnight and crystal “white dew” can often be seen in the morning. In Taiwan, it is probably the time of the year with the most comfortable and mild weather.

“White Dew” is our take on the popular New England style IPA with a local twist. Brewed with locally-grown wheat and tangerines, this juicy session IPA is hazy, citrusy, and super drinkable. Who says all fall beer must be malty, hoppy and with high ABV? This refreshing beer will help to keep your summer spirit alive until the first snowflake drops from the sky.

啤酒頭 白露 新英格蘭印度淡色艾爾
「 在每一本書裡闖蕩、摸索未知,困惑於黑暗、著迷於星辰。」 曾經在書店內讀過的一則勸讀文,告訴我們讀書的多元面向,而啤酒的世界,寬廣的也像書海一樣。

白露是我們首次以台灣椪柑為基底,釀造的混濁型 Hazy IPA,這是因為使用更多的台灣小麥,高蛋白質漂浮於酒中,加上不過濾,造就濁濁的外貌。椪柑的質樸,搭配美式啤酒花的妖嬌,組合成台灣特有的濁酒樣式。

2018 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 臺灣優勝 Country Winner
2019 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 臺灣優勝 Country Winner