Taiwan Head Brewers Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer 啤酒頭 為歡 桶陳鹹楊桃農夫酸啤酒洛神酸啤酒 (330ml)

Style: Wild Specialty Beer
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 11.5% / IBU: 21

Wei-Huan” (means “Happiness”) is our annual release of 2021 with “Ji-Her.” Wei-Huan is a sour beer brewed with oats and Taiwan’s local favorite “salty starfruit juice” and fermented with European oak and our house wild Saison yeast.

Sounds complicated? It is indeed a complicated but extremely balanced beer!
“Oh heavens, Wei-Huan Ji-Her?” (how long will the happy moment last?) asked the Chinese poet. “That’s easy, just take another sip, and you are a step closer to the happiness,” replied the brewers.

啤酒頭大好評的高酒精度酸啤酒,2021 再度登場!這次使用野生菌種搭配比利時 Saison 酵母 ,釀造迷人果酸與香料味主導的酸啤酒,搭配臺灣經典的鹹楊桃汁,並加入適度燕麥創造滑順酒體,再與歐洲橡木一同發酵,鹹香酸的元素調和的無比融洽。