Taiwan Head Brewers Imperial West India Cherry Sour Ale (Bingzhu) 秉燭 (330ml)

Style: Wild Ale
Brewed by: Taiwan Head Brewers (Taiwan)
ABV: 10% / IBU: 28

“Bing-Zhu” (meaning holding candles”) was a sour ale brewed with oats and West Indian cherries and fermented with Belgian saison yeast and our very own house wild yeast.

The beer was then aged with European oak for several months to develop the woody and light peppery flavors. Bing-Zhu is a bright Belgian sour with peach, apple, and cherry flavors and is designed for enjoying right away or aged.

This bee was awarded in 2022 European Beer Star as silver medal in category “Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer”.

「秉燭」使用比利時 Saison 酵母與野生菌種,搭配西印度櫻桃汁,並加入國產小麥,發酵出具柔美果酸又桃果味四溢的酸啤酒,並於發酵末期與歐洲橡木一同熟成,激發出木質調性的深邃美味。年輕喝享受果味,陳放數年品嘗圓潤果酸。