Sweetwater G13 IPA (330ml)

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Style: NEIPA
Brewed by: Sweetwater
ABV: 6.0%

This aromatic super-hybrid sticky IPA is first and foremost a phenomenally delicious and drinkable beer, with the added bonus of an olfactory experience.

The IPA base brew has a great body, good head and nice amount of haze at a pleasurable 6% ABV.

To work with the malt bill, the brewers added some of their dankest hops, Columbus and Simcoe, plus two dry hop additions. To achieve the aroma, our brewers found the perfect botanically-sourced flavor, both perfectly complementing the hops in the IPA.

甜水 420 G13植株 IPA
这款充满香气的超级杂交 粘稠IPA 是我们酒厂产品中首当其冲的美味和易饮的代表之作,它的特别之处就是额外添加了模仿那极其著名的G13大麻植株的香气。它酒体非常丰满,泡沫丰富美观且浑浊程度较高。
为了达到理想的香气,我们的酿酒师找到了完美的植物学领域支援:菌株特性萜烯(Strain specific terpenes),并且与适当含量的天然大麻味道结合,从而完美补充和支持了啤酒花的香气。