Strange Fellows Guardian White IPA (473ml)

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Style: IPA
Brewed by: Strange Fellows Brewing (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
ABV : 6.5% / IBU : 60

The Dragon embodies those things we fear, wound up in a mass of greed & destruction, while the valiant knight is our protector, fated to save us from ruin. Our Guardian IPA – with the spicy character of a Wit & the hops of an IPA – is inspired by this legendary battle between good & evil. So if you have a dragon to slay, make the act more enjoyable with this bold & flavourful beer.

奇怪的家伙 守护者 白色IPA
龙体现了我们所害怕的东西,它有着无尽的贪婪,并带来大规模的破坏,而勇敢的骑士是我们的守护者,注定要将我们从毁灭中拯救出来。我们的Guardian White IPA带着小麦啤酒的辛辣和IPA的酒花特性,它受启发于这场传奇的善与恶之战。因此,如果你要杀死一条龙,那么这款大胆而美味的啤酒会让你的行动更加愉快。