Straight To Ale Stout At The Devil Oatmeal Stout (330ml)

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Style: Stout
Brewed by: Straight To Ale (Huntsville, Alabama, United States)
ABV : 7.8% / IBU : 21.7

Stout at the Devil is an Oatmeal Stout brewed with Caramel Coffee. Dark and robust, this brew is slightly heavy on the palate with mild carbonation. It finishes with hints of caramel and coffee.

直接喝酒 恶魔的世涛 燕麦世涛
这是我们在2016年Red White and Brew大赛中的获奖作品,这款世涛酿造时加入了燕麦来柔顺口感,同时还有一些海盐、焦糖与咖啡。在饮用时随着温度慢慢回升,它展现出的香气和味道也逐渐变得丰富,就是这么美妙。