Stone Neverending Haze IPA (473ml)

by Stone
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Style Haze IPA
Brewed by Stone Brewing (Escondido, California)
ABV: 4%

Big taste, low ABV

It’s no secret that IPAs are our favorite beer style. They represent everything we believe beer should be: bold, flavorful and distinct. And while we’ve certainly enjoyed brewing high-ABV double IPAs over the years, we loved the challenge of packing all that bold character into a 4% IPA. With notes of dankness and citrus in a beautiful golden orange haze, this beer is brewed to celebrate neverending good times.

Intense orange and lime up front followed by oats, lemon, pineapple, star fruit and strawberry preserves

Medium body with palate thickness and tangy tartness. On the finish, it’s palate clearing and refreshing.

Golden Orange, visible haze with a nice, tight white foam head.

Dank, orange peel, floral, makrut lime leaf, white pepper, blueberry and juniper.

巨石 永不停歇 浑浊IPA
巨石酒厂的IPA有很多个“永不停歇”的精神。从地球上最早的、最受欢迎的西海岸风格IPA之一的Stone IPA,到我们对于双倍IPA、社交型IPA、水果IPA和超级新鲜三倍IPA的探索,这些酒款都是我们成绩和遗产中不可或缺的部分。另外,经常有人评论说:“Stone就只会酿造IPA。” 哈!但这实际上不是真的。是的,我们可能满怀激情地热爱着它们,并永远在追求IPA的涅磐,但这个特别的酒款实际上正好出现出现在了你面前,这款Neverending Haze IPA会帮助你追求永无止境的美好时光。