Stone /// Fear. Movie. Lions Double IPA FML(473ml)

by Stone
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Style: Imperial IPA
Brewed by: Stone Brewing (Escondido, California, United States)
ABV: 8.5% / IBU: 60

New England-Style IPAs are all the rage. Fans of Stone repeatedly ask for our take on the style, which can be met with some criticism. Rooted in West-Coast style IPAs for decades, how would we do it? Fear no more. Our brewers took the approach to deliver incredibly hoppy and aromatic flavor while keeping it very balanced, and upping the alcohol unnoticeably - nailing this astounding one-of-a-kind creation.

Overall this unfiltered double IPA is juiced up with massive tropical & citrus notes. The mild bitterness and relatively dry body compliment the style, and the residual maltiness nicely rounds it out. Lingering lime peel and tropical fruit derived from the hops stand out on the finish, begging one to seek out more.

What 3 words pinpoint where this beast was born? The location is printed on the can.

This is our take on a hazy East Coast Double IPA. Juicy and smooth with just the right touch of West Coast bitterness in the finish. The aroma on this beer is insane and reminds us of getting fresh fruit from a farm stand on the side of the road. Now, make that a farm stand on the side of the road in Yakima, WA during hop harvest. The aroma of fresh hops envelops!

巨石 ///恐惧 电影 狮子 双倍IPA
新英格兰风格的IPA现在非常流行。巨石的粉丝们一再地要求我们推出这种风格的啤酒,这可能会碰到一些指责或是批评。根植于西海岸风格IPA已经有数十年了,我们又将如何制作它(NE IPA)呢?我们一点也不害怕。我们的酿酒师采用独到的方式来传递令人难以置信的酒花芳香和风味,同时保证它的平衡,并在不经意间提高其酒精度,打造出这种令人惊叹的独一无二的创作。总之,这款未经过滤的双倍IPA采用了大量的丽影(Loral)和马赛克(Mosaic)啤酒花,获得了多汁的热带和柑橘属性。温和的苦味和相对干燥的酒体使得这种风格更加完美,残留的麦芽特性使得其口感更加圆润。弥留的青柠皮和热带水果味道在余味中脱颖而出,让人想要获取更多。哪三个词能够准确定位这个不可磨灭的野兽的诞生之地呢?在易拉罐上印刷的就是答案。