Stone F+B Features & Benefits IPA (355ml)

by Stone
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Style: IPA
Brewed by: Stone Brewing (Escondido, California, United States)
ABV : 4%  /  IBU: 23

2.9 carbs, gluten reduced and 4% ABV

There's no way you can make an insanely flavorful, hop-forward IPA in true Stone fashion while keeping it under 100 calories, right? And surely not with just 2.9 carbs, gluten reduced and 4% ABV! Well, our brewers, along with the rest of Team Stone, love proving preconceived notions wrong.

Stone Features & Benefits Craft Light IPA brings all of the above together with the hop-driven boldness you'd expect from a Stone beer. Now, you can have both the features and the benefits.

巨石 特点与优点 IPA