Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager (355ml)

by Stone
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Style Lager
Brewed by Stone Brewing (Escondido, California)
ABV: 4.7%

Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager was born here in Southern California, which is vibrantly influenced by our neighbors to the south. SoCal's warm weather lends itself to outdoor activities year-round. From surfing our coasts, to snowboarding and biking in the mountains, off-roading through deserted lands, or boating and fishing in our lakes and rivers, this Baja-inspired lager is the perfect companion. Brewed with just the right amount of lime and sea salt, it’s everything a lager should be – crisp, refreshing and full of flavor.

The name is pretty simple: we took “Buena” for good and “-veza” from cerveza. Because we’ve always believed good beer is an important part of a good life. So raise a glass (or can) with us to the buena vida.


巨石 布纳威沙 海盐和青柠拉格
酿酒师Ben Sheehan在Stone Liberty Station工作时酿造了这款啤酒,灵感来自于美国南加州,受到我们南方邻居的强烈影响。加州气候晴朗温暖,我们鼓励人们全年期间进行户外活动。现在,美国的其他地区也可以加入了。从在沿海地区冲浪,到在山上滑雪和骑自行车,在荒芜的土地上越野,在湖泊中划船和钓鱼,这款啤酒都是绝佳的伴侣。它的口感清爽纯净,清新的墨西哥风味十分解渴,青柠和海盐产生了愉悦的味道。