Stockade Chop Shop American Pale Ale (330ml)

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Style: Pale Ale - American
Brewed by: Stockade Brew Co (Smeaton Grange, Australia)
ABV: 4.7% / IBU: 30

So good it should be illegal. Chop Shop is a muscle-loaded garage brew full of guts and character, packing a massive punch of American hops. Chop Shop offers a big punch of high hop flavours on a malt foundation. Bright in colour and well balanced, it’s packed full of classic American hops presenting an upfront tropical aroma. With a medium-bodied mouthfeel, this beer will leave you wanting more.

斯托克 地下拆车场 美式淡色艾尔
这款淡色艾尔充满了胆量和个性,装载了大量的新鲜美式啤酒花和麦芽基础,展现了最好的APA该有的样子。使用了新鲜的美国卡斯卡特、哥伦布和西姆科(Cascade, Columbus and Simcoe)啤酒花,以及带来苦味的英国佛格尔(Fuggle)啤酒花。