St. Bernardus Extra 4 (330ml)

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Style: Belgian Ale
Brewed by: St. Bernardus Brouwerij (Watou, Belgium)
ABV: 4.8% / IBU: 30

Extra 4 is the latest scion of the notable St. Bernardus family. A refreshing blond beer that is brewed in the classic single style. Every year, our Extra 4 can be enjoyed in spring and summer. Extra 4 shines with the golden hue of pale straw, topped off with a snowy-white collar. As this beer re-ferments in the bottle, it produces a lovely fizz in the glass.

If you think that a beer with a lower alcohol percentage will have less powerful flavours then Extra 4 will make you think again. The sweet fragrance of malt is complemented beautifully by a wide range of refreshing, zesty and floral touches including citrus and cloves with a hint of pepper.

This taste bouquet is perfectly balanced by the refined aroma of hops, without suffering from an overload of bitterness. The finish is slightly dry and is, towards the end, accompanied by a fruity touch of citrus.

All in all, they pair up to make this the ultimate thirst-quencher. The modest 4.8% alcohol volume ensures that this beer is a refresher first and foremost. In brief, a unique, re-invigorating and thirst-quenching beer that is perfect for spring.

圣伯纳 额外4号
这款 Extra 4是经典的比利时单料,金黄色的酒体,口感丰富,虽然酒精度比较低,但是比他们其他的修道院啤酒拥有更多的酒花风味和苦度。