Siren Project Barista Extra Special Beans (440ml)

by Siren
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Style: Extra Special
Brewed by: Siren Craft Brew
ABV: 5.8%

As a general rule, Project Barista beers tend to play fast and loose with beer style definitions. They tend to be made to meet a concept first and foremost, with our job then to make sure we describe the beer in a way that gives everyone a good idea of what to expect. This beer is a little different, as we take on a very well versed style of beer and give it a Project Barista spin. We’ve used a yeast strain that epitomises the style and made the beer with a more traditional fermentation profile than usual, helping to extract those delicious, delicate esters. We’re looking to exaggerate existing flavours and aromas of an ESB, so our coffee is selected for its apricot, light chocolate and nutty notes, infused slowly to make sure it remains balanced and not overpowering. We feel that nitrogenating beers can offer an experience similar to that of hand-pulled cask, which makes it a perfect choice here, but we also hope you find the acidity of the coffee adds back a little ‘zing’ that carbonation would otherwise help with. Well worth trying in all 3 formats.