Siren Bones of A Sailor Imperial Porter (440ml)

by Siren
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Style: Imperial Porter
Brewed by: Siren Craft Brew
ABV: 9%

An anniversary revival, pieced together from fragments of a legendary brewsheet of old. Bones of a Sailor is robust with alcohol, rich with chocolatey malts and spicy with rye. It’s a straight up imperial porter, with all its depth coming from 9 different malts, carefully selected and balanced for maximum impact.

We gave it a 3 hour boil to concentrate and amplify the grain character, with intense results. Back in the day the rye was the star of the show and that’s true of this beer too, as a delicate spicy character dances among the rich chocolate, coffee and roasty notes. This is the start of a new adventure, as we’ll be taking inspiration from our short story competition to build upon this beer with new iterations.