Schneider Weisse Tap 1 Meine Helle Weisse (500ml)

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Style: Weissbier - Hefeweizen
Brewed by: Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH (Kelheim, Bavaria, Germany)
ABV: 5.2% / IBU: 14

Enjoying the moment in high spirits: "Meine helle Weisse" - a bright wheat beer with the original Schneider Weisse aroma, full-bodied and intensive. Its mild freshness is reviving and lifts the senses. The perfect companion for daydreaming on a summer's afternoon - Bavarian zest for life!

施耐德 1号 白啤 清亮型德式小麦
有着春天的新鲜感 - 一个关于精致蔬菜的创意. 有光泽的黄铜色有机小麦啤酒,其材料是认证的生长于自然土地的有机材料。 啤酒花和柑橘与微辣的香气,完美地平衡了麦芽与啤酒花的特性。闻起来很香,喝起来很爽滑食物搭配可以是美味的长棍面包和茄子奶油,腌制鲑鱼与莳萝或烤芦笋面。