Rustenberg Grenache

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Company: Rustenberg
Style: Grenache Noir
Abv: 14%

While Grenache Noir was first planted on Rustenberg in 2001, this wine is a brand new addition to our regional range. The variety is best known for producing highly expressive, lighter-styled, quality wines once the vines have had a number of years to establish themselves.

Through careful vineyard management of the variety, the vines produce naturally high yields. Being typically light in colour, low in tannin and medium-bodied, Grenache is the ideal red wine to drink on its own or to pair with tapas style foods and cured meats.

In its youth the wine exhibits very attractive red fruit flavours, such as strawberry and cherry, along with a wonderful pepper spice. As the wine ages it will reveal a more savoury fruit profile.

The Winter of 2016 was dry but cold as drought conditions persisted in the Western Cape. Despite the drought, a warm, dry spring and little wind meant that there was little disease pressure and little stress on the vineyards beyond the heat.

Harvest started slightly earlier than usual but was 10 days later than the record early start of the 2016 vintage. Careful use of irrigation to offset the dry drought conditions and cold nights experienced during the first four months of the year resulted in superb quality, and wonderful acidity, colour and flavour concentration in the wines.

Indications are that 2017 will be an excellent vintage with plenty of potential to age well.