Rogue Outta Line IPA (355ml)

by Rogue
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Style: West Coast IPA
Brewed by: Rogue Ales (Newport, Oregon)
ABV: 6.9% / IBU: 66

At the very core of Rogue is the idea of getting outta line. That is to say you don’t need to follow the plan laid out in front of you, you don’t have to fit in and you don’t have to follow the crowd. We brewed this IPA as a reminder that there is no limit when you have the courage to stand out. Available year round, Outta Line IPA is a bright honey-colored West Coast IPA with an enticing fruit aroma.

罗格 超出界限 西海岸IPA
这款Outta Line West Coast IPA使用了宙斯(Zeus)、马赛克(Mosaic)、西姆科(Simcoe)和罗格农场种植的叛逆(Rebel)啤酒花酿造,产生了明亮的蜂蜜色酒体,散发着诱人的水果香气,入口时带有橘子和芒果的味道,麦芽甜味与收口感中的苦味完美平衡。