Prancing Pony Mosquito Coast Session IPA (375ml)(CAN)

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Style: Pale Ale - New England / Hazy
Brewed by: Prancing Pony Brewery (Totness, Australia)
ABV: 3.4% / IBU: 29

East coast, West coast, North co… nah, that would be too easy.

With all the other coasts taken, you find yourself on the Mosquito Coast, a coast that pays no mind to the East or West.

It’s humid here, and you need something juicy and refreshing to keep Wilson from making his debut.

Sure, insect repellent might have come in handy, but you bought a case of Mosquito Coast instead, which was undeniably the right call.

Bursting with tropical flavours and aromas of passion fruit, grapefruit, and pineapple; followed with a lemon and apple finish, this lazy hazy offers low bitterness and full flavour.

Happy swatting, and happy drinking.

Mosquitos not included. Vegan friendly.