Prancing Pony Hopwork Orange Pale Ale (375ml)(CAN)


Style: Pale Ale
Brewed by: Prancing Pony Brewery (Totness, Australia)
ABV: 4.8% / IBU: 52

The Hopwork Orange Pale Ale by Prancing Pony strikes the perfect balance of grainy malt and intense citrus flavours. Like the name suggests, this brew is certainly hop forward! When your tastebuds first touch this craft beer; oranges, tangerines and pine flavours make themselves known. A balanced backbone of caramel drives the flavour train home with a dry finish.

Our Hopwork Orange is medium bodied and not too bitter with an IBU of 52. This Pony is well-balanced, fruity and moreish. We think Stanley Kubrick would proud of this craft beer!

Vegan friendly craft beer. Brewed in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.