Prancing Pony Amber Ale (375ml)(CAN)

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Style: Red Ale
Brewed by: Prancing Pony Brewery (Totness, Australia)
ABV: 5.0% / IBU: 33

Rich amber colour with lots of malt aroma and hop flavours. The style is based on ‘American Amber’. A malty Amber ale with citrus and resinous hop characters. Designed to have good body yet light and easy with ‘long’ flavours and lingering late bitterness. This ale is six-times hopped with American and Australian hops and fermented with ale yeast. The perfect ale to share with pasta and steak or hearty home-style cooked meals.

昂首小马 琥珀艾尔
浓郁的琥珀艾尔,就像你最喜欢的小马一样。一个漫长的冬季夜晚,在阿德莱德山(Adelaide Hills)的酿酒棚里,这款酒开始进行酿造。这是一款未过滤并且充满焦糖、麦芽以及柑橘香气的琥珀色啤酒,它的颜色就和铜锈一样。