Põhjala Peel and Bean Imperial Porter (330ml)

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Style: Imperial Porter
Brewed by: Põhjala (Tallinn, Estonia)
ABV: 8.5%

A rye porter brewed with cacao nibs and orange zest.

The liquid form of dark chocolate dipped jaffa cakes being stuffed into the mouth, Peel & Bean presents juicy orange and citrus oils mixed with spicy rye cracker and sweet hot chocolate. Red fruits and mixed spices join in with toasted hazelnuts creating a glass full of everyone’s childhood favourite rich chocolate orange biscuit.

Rich freshly zested oranges fill the air, with a strong smooth cacao liquor following as the glass warms.

珀亚拉 皮与豆 帝国波特
这款Peel and Bean Imperial Porter加入了黑麦、可可豆粒和橙皮酿造。