Põhjala French Toast Bänger Imperial Stout (330ml)


Style: Imperial Stout
Brewed by: Põhjala (Tallinn, Estonia)
ABV: 12%

A bänging imperial stout brewed with maple syrup, Tahitian vanilla pods and Ceylon cinnamon.

Full-flavoured, rich and malty, with a heavy presence of chocolate and sticky maple syrup. The decadent and complex flavour of the Tahitian vanilla pods becomes more evident sip after sip as the beer warms, until ultimately revealing a subtle and lasting warming sensation from the cinnamon addition.

Jet black with a dense brown head.

The aroma of maple syrup leads the charge, quickly followed by the decadent nose of freshly scraped vanilla, dark chocolate and a subtle hint of warming cinnamon.

Pilsner zero, Munich light, Rye malt, Special B, Caramel 300, Chocolate rye, Carafa special T-3, Chocolate dark

First gold, maple syrup, Tahitian vanilla pods, Ceylon cinnamon