Põhjala Baltic Porter Day 2024 (330ml)

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Style: Imperial Baltic Porter
Brewed by: Põhjala (Tallinn, Estonia)
ABV: 10%

An indulgent imperial Baltic porter brewed with dried coffee cherries to celebrate Baltic Porter Day 2024.

Taste: Bittersweet notes of dark chocolate and amaretto intertwine with dried berry undertones. As the flavors develop, subtle whispers of vanilla, toasted malt and blackcurrant jam echo through the beer.

Appearance: A pitch black beer with a luscious tan head.

Nose: A tantalizing blend of sweet cherry compote, double shot of espresso, toasted almonds and a delightful hint of warming spices.

Malts: Munich light, pilsner zero, rye malt, chocolate rye, red rye crystal, Carafa special T-2

Hops: HBC 431