Pasteur Street Passion Fruit Wheat Ale (330ml)

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Style: Wheat
Brewed by: Pasteur Street
ABV: 4% / IBU: 15

This award-winning wheat ale is pumped up with fresh passion fruit from Da Lat to achieve a refreshing blend of sweet and tart. This light beer is in perfect balance with itself and its crisp, clean finish is perfect for the local climate. 

Asian Beer Medals (Singapore 2016);
2019 Australian International Beer Awards (Gold Medal) 

巴斯德街 百香果小麦 水果啤酒
百香果小麦是一款经典的美式小麦风格啤酒,加入了产自越南大叻的新鲜百香果汁制作而成。我们从辛苦的越南果农那里采收来最佳的百香果,在它们最新鲜的时候将其加入酿造中。Pasteur Street酿造公司使用100%纯天然新鲜果汁酿造,绝不使用提取物或风味剂!