Omnipollo x Tired Hands x Monkish Space Food Double Milkshake IPA (330ml)

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Style: IPA (Milkshake)
Brewed by: Omnipollo (Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States)
ABV: 8

Cream Team Space Food Cotton Candy Space Cookie Piña Colada Double Milkshake Is our MAJOR collaborative Space Food Double IPA originally brewed with Omnipollo and Monkish. Brewed with an over-the-top amount of fluffy malted oats, zippy wheat, and fresh house made cotton candy. Conditioned atop an enormous amount of pineapple purée, fresh lemon zest, coconut flesh, Madagascar vanilla beans, and an entire carnival’s worth of cotton candy. Proportionally dry-hopped with bright and zippy Citra and Mosaic. Quite the ripper, bursting with notes of guava pastelito, Orange Haze, pina colladas in the dead of summer, and rainbow sherbert.

欧米尼珀罗 x 累手 x 僧侣 太空食品 双倍奶昔IPA
这是我们与Tired Hands和Monkish酒厂合作酿造的酒款。这款啤酒属于Cream Team品牌,是一款棉花糖、菠萝朗姆酒、太空曲奇风味的双倍奶昔IPA,包含了大量的烘焙曲奇、棉花糖和许多的香草与乳糖。