Omnipollo Neophresco - Karpologi Hard Seltzer (330ml)

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Style: Hard Seltzer
Brewed for: Omnipollo (Stockholm, Sweden)
Brewed at De Proefbrouwerij in Belgium
ABV: 5%

Neophresco Karpologi Pineapple Peach Passion Candy Seltzer takes inspiration from one of our favorite fruited beers, Karpologi. Full of fruits yet easy drinking and refreshing like a seltzer.

欧米尼珀罗 尼奥赫雷斯科 - 卡普洛基 烈性塞尔茨
Neophresco Karpologi的灵感来自于我们最喜欢的水果啤酒之一,Karpologi。充满了水果的味道,但又像苏打水一样易饮和清爽。